Digital marketing on the Costa Blanca

We make your marketing campaigns more profitable.

Digital marketing services on the Costa Blanca

Every month we'll give you a report showing the results so that you can see for yourself the improvement of your website within the search results.


Keyword Research

To identify which words users search for on Google relating to your business, we complete a study and lay the foundations for the project.


Structuring of campaigns

Once the keywords have been chosen, we study your target audience and structure the campaigns and ad groups to achieve very accurate audience targeting.



Week by week we study the results we are obtaining as well as other important metrics and act accordingly to continuously improve the campaigns.



We create the images and banners you need for your visual advertising campaigns, as well as the videos for platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.


Web Performance Optimisation (WPO)

To achieve better results with a lower investment, we make your website the best technically possible.


Landing pages

We create landing pages so that each ad goes to a different destination and thus minimising the bounce rate while increasing the conversion rate.

Our client opinions

Advertise on Google Ads

We create and optimise your Digital marketing campaigns.

It is not only about creating a campaign in Google Ads and leaving it in automatic mode; it is very important to know all aspects that must be taken into account to be able to optimise campaigns to the maximum, choosing the appropriate keywords and choosing their different matching options to reach their full potential.

We manage advertising campaigns focused on your target audience.

Another of the most important factors in a Google Ads campaign is the correct advertising segmentation to focus the ads only on your target audience.

One of the greatest advantages of advertising online is that you can direct all kinds of campaigns only to potential clients. This way resources are not wasted with bombarding clients who will never be interested in your product with advertising - and the expense that this entails - either because of the age or gender of the person who is looking for services online.

In addition, regards the advertising and the ads themselves, a good segmentation and a good advertising campaign on the internet also serves to achieve good remarketing actions. People who have at one time or another left your website without actually making a purchase, will continue to see suggestions inviting them to complete the purchase with your company.

We optimise advertising to optimise return on investment (ROI)

In the end, as complicated as it all may seem, the goal of good marketing is the most fundamental idea that we all have in mind. What we all seek is to invest in order to generate more income, and the sooner the better. Therefore, a good management of your company's Digital marketing is what increases the ROI, optimises the return on investment and reduces the time it takes.

We seek to reduce the return on investment time so that the budget can be increased and the company grows little by little. We put all our efforts into this because, in addition to the fact that our clients are happy with the management and that fills us with desire and energy to do better every day, the client who generates the most benefits increases the marketing budget so we also increase our profits.

So why should we manage the marketing of your company?

Because good management means that with less investment, you receive much better results. It is also important to have all aspects of advertising on Google and other media controlled. Not only is it a good advertising campaign, it is also essential to have a good implementation of the web elements and also a strategic landing to attract clients and generate more conversions.

It is also important to have a good brand image, to build a reputation on social networks and to have all those little details that are not worth much by themselves but that together make the difference in your advertising strategies compared to the competition.

Marketing also on your website

It is not enough to run online campaigns in different media such as Google Ads, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media. It is also necessary to optimise the website thoroughly, because no matter how well the ads are designed, if users enter the website and don't find what they expected, if the content is messy or confusing, or if it doesn't seems reliable, our campaign will be useless. You have to work on all aspects of the website and the company, you must have a website that has a good presence and that gives reliability to the product or service offered on the site.

Make it easier for the user.

Another essential aspect that greatly affects the marketing optimisation of your website is the ease of navigation and the website layout. If you have a look at our website you will see that you don't need to scroll or browse too hard to find a way to contact us. It is essential to make it easy for the user, because they may not be very experienced with web browsing, they may not have time or have little patience. It is also essential that the website loads fast and doesn't contain errors so as not to lose those precious potential clients who connect from a mobile device in a place that may not have much coverage.

Generation of specific Landing pages

Perhaps the users who are looking for your products or services, might be looking for something very specific, so it is very positive to generate landing pages for specific campaigns or products and services with some particularity, in order to separate them from the rest of products that these potential clients who have entered through a specific ad, may not be interested in.